January 28th, 2020

A common error for Accent Air conditioning units. It means the refrigerant pressures are either too high or too low. There may be a lack of refrigerant or a faulty fan motor, capacitor or PC board.

What can you do to fix this?
You can temporarily fix this by turning off the air conditioning unit from the power supply at the circuit breaker. Leaving it off for 10 minutes and turning it back on. Now turn on the air conditioning unit. If the error code re-appears, switch off the unit as it will cause further damage. If the error code doesn’t re-appear still contact us and get booked in as it’s only a temporary fix.

Why you should choose us to fix your Accent Air unit?

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  • We carry common breakdown parts in our vehicles so we can fix the unit on the first visit.
  • We have a strong working relationship with the above air conditioner brands. This means we can respond quickly on non-common breakdown parts.
  • We are the experts in the industry, that’s why we can diagnose air conditioner units quick and effectively.

Did you know!

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